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Junior Jackets Spring Jamboree #2 @ Pope

  • May
  • 19
Junior Jackets Spring Jamboree #2 @ Pope
  • Saturday, 9:00am EDT-5:00pm EDT   Ical event icon
  • Junior Jackets (6th, 7th, 8th) Spring Jamboree #2 @ Pope
  • Location: Pope HS




Listed below are the guidelines and rules for the teams.
1    All teams should show great sportsmanship at all times.
2    If in doubt ask the Pope Field Marshals for advice and they will be in Colored T-shirts with “Field Marshalls” on the front.
3    Before each scrimmage their will be coaches meetings and please attend.
4    After the meeting please greet the opposing coach and discuss any issues you may have such as when or if you plan to play your seconds. As a reminder on the 6th grade level there is no blitzing allowed.
5    Remember each team will get 20 minutes of offense and 20 of defense plus time for change over.
6    If there is a jersey conflict Pope will provide scrimmage vests or bennies for one team if you desire.
7    You can never lose the ball on offense or gain it on defense. All scrimmages start from the 40 yard line going in. If you score run back to the 40 and start another drive. If you fumble or there is an interception run back to the 40 and start again. On defense if they score run back to the 40 and have them start again. If you gain the ball to either fumble or interception run it back to the 40 and have them start again.
8    All offensive coaches please be behind your last player on the field and keep as many subs off the field to allow the defense to see the first 11 players on offense.
9    On defense no subs should be on the field as how does the offense run a pass with extra defensive players on the field getting in the way. All defensive coaches should be behind the F/S by several yards to give the QB a chance to read the defenses.
10    On defensive hurry up your players on and off the field. Don’t hold up the offensive as you try to sub or change defenses. AS a rule once the QB is over the ball all coaching and talking ceases.
11    If at all possible get injured players off the field. If not and there is room move the ball forward and try and resume play. Pope will have EMT’s available for any injured player and will try and remove all injured players to the side lines if possible.
12     During the scrimmage the offense or defense will jump off sides guarantee. Don’t worry just have them get back on their side of the ball and continue play?
13     During a long run the coaches will note a clip or hold. Don’t worry or howler out just let the play continue? You can point out this to the opposing team afterwards but don’t please make a big issue of the penalty.
14     Let’s let the players have fun. If so you will too. Remember the score board is not on. ONLY THE GAME CLOCK WILL BE RUNNING! Good luck and contact me if you need addional information.
Mack Cobb-404-316-5483 or 770-551-3270, or



Equipment is to be returned immediately following each grade's jamboree scrimmages at Pope High School.  Coach Hutson and the Junior Jackets Coaches will direct players to the equipment return area on the day of the Pope Jamboree.  Please bring a change of clothes.

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