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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 1959)




Yellow Jacket Football 1958

From The ECHO (Spring 1959):

"The first Sprayberry Football Banquet was held at Dixie Inn, and Jimmy Wall walked off with the three top honors for the season.  Wall, a fine passer, runner and field general, was the team's unanimous choice to Captain the team in 1959, and was voted by his teammates 'Most Outstanding' football player.

Sharing honors with Wall was fullback Jerry Allen, who was voted 'The Best Back,' William McDaniel 'Lineman,' while the 'Desire' and 'Mr. Hustle' went to end, Louis Campbell.

Presentation of the trophies by Head Coach Bob Aaron and Line Coach Bill Martin highlighted the Sprayberry Booster Club Banquet Monday evening, the first time the grif has ever been honored or trophies been awarded.  Buck Hines ably emceed the auspicious occasion.  Coach Aaron commended the spirit of the Yellow Jacket squad and told the audience that 'despite the bad lickings we took on occasions, my boys never stopped fighting.'

A festive air reigned throughout the evening and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves who were present for the occasion.  Members of the Sprayberry Booster Club were delighted over the fine turnout Monday and vowed to make the occasion a 'bigger and better affair with each succedding year.'

The Sprayberry Yellow Jackets, a young and inexeperienced team, while they did not roll up impressive scores, were much better than the record showed.  Time after time, they lost a ball game by close margins, after the team started slow and finished strong.  If there had been a few more minutes in some of the games, they would have come out the victors.

This young team was disappointed at not winning more, but the Sprayberry spirit is high and their determination strong as they look forward to next year.  The future looks bright"

1958 Football Awards

From The ECHO (Spring 1959):

Jimmy Wall - Most Oustanding Player

Jerry Allen - Best Back

William McDaniel - Best Lineman

Louis Campbell - Desire, Mr Hustle




#20 Gary Burgess breaks a tackle as #70 Jimmy Jiles seeks to make a block in 1958 action (click to enlarge)

#11 Jimmy Wall and others close in on a Marietta Blue Devil runner in 1958 action (click to enlarge)

The Sprayberry Band exits the field after a halftime performance in 1958 (click to enlarge)


#54 Billy Whitlock looks on after making a block for #20 Gary Burgess against Druid Hills in 1958 action (click to enlarge)


Booster Club concession tent in 1958 (click to enlarge)

Players and Cheerleaders watch a game from the sidelines in 1958 (click to enlarge)

#41 Tommy Arnold has a tough time against Marist in 1958 action (click to enlarge)

Sprayberry defenders square off against an opponent in 1958 action (click to enlarge)

The 1958 Football Season