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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 1972)













Dennis Beavers

Yellow Jacket Football 1971

From The ECHO (Spring 1972):

"The Sprayberry Yellow Jackets, a young and inexperienced team, played with injuries, did not break any scoring recoirds, but were much better thgan the record showed.  Several times they lost the ball game by a close margin.

The young team was disappointed over not winning more, but they are to be congratulated on their dedication, courage, and fighting spirit.  This is our football team and we are justly proud of them.  We think that this year's experience, added to their fine spirit, will bring us a winning team next season.

We all had fun, and we would like to give thanks to all thosw who backed us all the way, right up to the last game of the season."

1971 Football Awards

From The ECHO (Spring 1972):

Dennis Beavers - Best Defensive Lineman

Randolph Looper - Best Offensive Back

Ken Shelton - Scholastic Award

Mike Kendrick - Best Offensive Lineman, Captain

Mike Moore - Best Defensive Back

1971 Football Season














Randy Looper