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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 1988)



Billy Shackelford

Yellow Jackets Swarm in 1987

From The ECHO (Spring 1988):

"The [1987] Varsity Football Team had a great season overall.  On August 28, around 8:00 pm, Sprayberry Stadium began to quickly fill up.  Fans waited impatiently to see the '87 Sprayberry Yellow Jackets swarm into action.

Unfortunately, the Jackets started out on a bad note with a big loss to McEachern, and then to Wheeler.

The mighty Jackets did not let this bother them, though, as they bounced back with wins over Lassiter, Riverwood, and North Cobb. 

The biggest loss of the season was to rival Walton as the Raider prevailed over the Jackets, but not without a fight first.

The next losses came to Wheeler, and [then] an upsetting last-second win by Roswell.  With five seconds left on the clock [in the Roswell game], quarterback Johnny Mitchell finds receiver Kevin Tyner open in the end zone.  Mitchell fires, Tyner receives, and the Jackets walk away with a victory.  But wait.  The referee calls the touchdown back and the Jackets come home an empty-handed, very disappointed football team.

Octover 23, the team traveled to Cherokee High School and showed what they were really made of with a blasting win of 35-6.

[After] a week off, the Jackets came back and trounced Marietta with an impressive 35-7 win.

Head Coach John Paty had these views and opinions on the season: 'I felt that the kids played hard, but the one thing that really hurt us was not coming up with the big plays when they were needed.  The team showed a great amount of effort in the last two games.  The Roswell and Wheeler games kept us out of the Playoffs. Leadership on the team was good, but could have been better.  I believe that the team was just snake-bitten most of the season.  We had a good bunch of Seniors.  Another thing that really helped us was the spirit shown by the student body and faculty.  The key players on offense were Greg Brown, Johnny Mitchell, Billy Shackelford, Terence Bowens, Marc Lucas, Danny Martin, and Brian Schoeplein.  On defense, the team was led by Jeff Howard, Donald Zorn, Mike Dionne, Randy Boyette, Rip Hooker, and Lawrence Flores.

Senior David Freas had this to say: 'It was a disappointing season.  We had expected more of ourselves and did not play up to our potential.'

Jeff Howard: 'Great amount of effort and spirit within the team.  We were not consistent.  If we could have won some close games, we would be in the Playoffs.'

Greg Brown: 'Yes, it was disappointing not to go to the Playoffs.  Even though our record does not show it, we were a good team.  [There was] more coach involvement [and] Senior leadership.  I was pleased to be associated with this team.'

Phillip Rack: 'We were real close as a team.  The outcome of the season was disappointing.'

Randy Boyette: 'I think that we needed more enthusiasm during the games within the team.  We were inconsistent.  We had one of the most talemted teams in the county, but we just did not show it for a gew games.  I was disappointed that we did not make the Playoffs.'

Billy Shakelford: 'It was disappointing.  Too many unlucky breaks.  [We] had the talent to be Number One in the Region.  [In] the games we needed to win... we just could not put it together.'

Kevin Byerly: '[The] team came together at the end of the season.  We had potential to go all the way, but at crucial moments, we disappointed ourselves.'"

1987 Football Season




Terence Bowens