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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 1991)

Jacket Varsity Football 1990

From The ECHO (Spring 1991):

"The Sprayberry Yellow Jacket Varsity Football Team suffered a disheartening season this year.  The team ended with an overall record of 2 wins and 8 losses.  Senior Mark Brown comments, 'Our record doesn't reflect the type of team we had or the way in which we played.  We just had some bad luck at the wrong times.'

Despite these hard times, Head Coach John Paty found many positive notes: 'I was disappointed that we didn't do as well as we should have, but I think our players learned a lot from adversity, and I think they will be stronger because of this.'

Augmenting these positive notes are Seniors Cam Neal and Tripp Lichtefield, who were named to the All-County Team.  In addition, Jason Kisz was presented with the Coca-Cola Most Valuable Player Award, and both Billy Kirk and JB Norment have pending scholarships at various colleges.

Other valuable assets to the offensive unit include Jason Ward, Scott Wood, Kris Allen, Mark Brown, Lee Marcum, and OJ Bennett.  Additional stanouts for the defensive swarm were Shannon Murray, Brian Skinner, Drew Anthony, Scott Wood, and Shawn Reece.

'You could view this as a rebuilding year,' comments David Thomas.  'Next year we'll return a lot of starters and take on a new season with a whole new attitude.'

Sophomore sratter Scott Hoback adds, 'We're ready to rebuild and gather ourselves for next year.  You can't dwell on or judge us by this season's performance.  Next year it's a whole new game.'"

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