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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 1993)

A World of Football

From The ECHO (Spring 1993):

"The Varsity Football Team ended with 2 wins and 8 losses.  'We put forth a lot of effort,' Senior Matt Wicks comments.  Andy Kirk stated, 'Even though this season has been rough, it was the most exciting time of my life.'

Seniors Maher, Bowens, O'Brien, Hoback, and Barnett were five of the key defensive assets to the Jackets' effort.  The offensive side was led by quarterback Brian Cross, who had the respect of the team.

Junior Jeff Hutson has hope for [next year's] Varsity Team: 'A season like we have had is no fun for the Seniors, but it was a great learning experience for the rest of us.'

The coaching staff may have been disappointed in the outcome of this year, but was still able to encourage the team.  They were very satisfied with the team's positive attitude.

On a personal note: To the upcoming Senior football players, from the Class of '93: 'GO WHITELINE!  GOOD LUCK NEXT SEASON!'"

1992 Football Season