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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 1994)




Brent Bode

Sprayberry Football 1993

From The ECHO (Spring 1994):

"The excitement that the fans feel every Friday night during football season does not even compare to the effort and pain our beloved football players put forth.  Despite an upsetting [1993] season consisting of wins and losses, this became one of the closest teams to ever come through Sprayberry.  Thursday nights before a game, the Varsity players are not to be found except on the football field mentally going over plays and getting fired up for the battle whgich lies ahead of them.

Outstanding running back Marlon Byrd states, 'The team's season didn't come out as we predicted at the beginning of the season.  We played good [football] all year long, but lost a lot of close games.  The Seniors were an inspiration to the team and I think are the MVPs.'

Linebacker Chris Freeman says, 'No matter how you look at our season, most of the guys on the team gave it all they had, and I think that says a lot.  It seemed like everything went perfectly except our record.'

Although the season did not turn out as well as expected, the players and coaches have won the respect of all the fans."

1993 Football Season





Marlon Byrd