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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 1996)




Brent Bode

Jackets Football 1995

From The ECHO (Spring 1996):

"The Yellow Jackets 1995 Varsity Football Team has had a season full of many hopes and disappointments.  For his second year, Head Coach Ronnie White has led the mighty Yellow Jackets.

With his guidance and instruction, along with the support from the rest of the football coaching staff, Coach White has taught the team well.  Coach White commented about his team and their season by saying, 'The things that we learned this year as a football team were not about winning and losing.  We learned about staying together when things did not go our way.  It's easy to have pride and spirit and all the other things when you win.  We learned and maintained those positive things even in a difficult situation.'

The philosophy was echoed by Senior Derrick Johnson when he said, 'The team played really well together, but we would fall apart in crucial situations.'

Overall, this year's Varsity Football Team put forth an immense amount of effort during their daily practices and their weekly games.  The underclassmen on the team are determined to keep up the Jacket pride and make next year a winning season."

1995 Football Season