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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 1997)

Jacket Football 1996

From The ECHO (Spring 1997):

"The 1996 Sprayberry Yellow Jacket Varsity Football Team showed a great season.  This is Head Coach Ronnie White's third season leading this Jacket team.  He is now showing that he can his team to victory.

The Assistant Coaches for this year's team are Coach Warbington, Coach Barden, Coach Ransom, Coach Hamburg, Coach Allen, Coach Russell, and Coach Fullington.  These coaches not only helped their players, but they were also an inspiration to them.

While the coaches do play a part in the team's success, the players are the ones who make the team.  This year's football team has shown leadership and the determination to win.  These qualities, along with others, are what make a team successful.  The upcoming players for next year's football team will have to show they can develop these qualities to make next year's team successful."

1996 Football Season