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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 2000)



Joel Hazard

Playin' the Field

From The ECHO (Spring 2000):

"The season of changes could possibly be another name for the 1999 season of Jacket football.  The team got rid of the old to make room for the new.  New players, such as Ian Guerrero and Titus Jackson, joined the team to help lead the Jackets to victory.  But one can never forget the oldies but goodies.  Seniors, such as Joel Hazard, Brett Vavra, and Jesse Marinko, have returned to finish up with a winning season.  The team has worked tremendously hard to make the coaches and the student body happy.  The Jackets battled up against the Pope Greyhounds and added another win on Homecoming night.

The Jackets continued to be a tough bunch of guys.  Led by a fabulous coach, Mr. Hamilton, they obtained the spirit and enthusiasm to give everything their best.  This was Coach Hamilton's second year coaching the Jackets to a wishful victory.  Hard work and long practices have seemed to pay off.  The team fought forever and on!"

1999 Football Season


Jesse Marinko

Brett Vavra