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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 2001)

Separating the Men from the Boys

From The ECHO (Spring 2001):

"The crowd roars as the players rush onto the field, let the game begin!  This year's team was composed of an amazing group of extremely talented players.  Not only did these guys put forth an enormous amount of effort, but they also worked hard to reach the top!  After many grueling hours of practice and much bloohshed, they got out there and showed everyone what they were made of.  The season opener on September 1st was much-anticipated as was eviden[ced] by the halls overflowing with highly spirited students.

Joe LeCour says, 'We were very lucky in receiving the coaches we had; they made us eager to win and do well.'  The job also could not have been done without the leadership of the Head Coach, Billy Hamilton, keeping the boys in line and puching them hard.

Coach Hamilton stated, 'I love coaching these guys; they have a lot of potential, but it just took them awhile to get it together.  I'm able to form bonds with every individual, making coaching a great job.'

Overall, the Seniors had the time of their lives, kicking butt on Friday nights, while Juniors such as Nick Bobo and Dennis Burke cannot wait to step up next year.  In the words of Patrick Cheek, 'The team that won't be beat, can't be beat,' and that is the motto for future years."

2000 Football Season