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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 2002)

Get Ready for a Battle...

From The ECHO (Spring 2002):

"The 2001-2002 Sprayberry Yellow Jackets were under the coaching of Head Coach Johnny Caldwell.  This was Caldwell's first year here as a Head Coach.  The players were fortunately able to adjust to him at a fast pace from his organizational and disciplinary skills, along with being able to fully prepare each player for every game.  The program improved greatly this year because of the players' ethuisiasm about playing football.  While the rest of the student body is getting ready for school, these boys are already at school, working out; every mornign at 6:30 on the dot they could be found lifting weights in the field house.

Then, after school, the team would practice for another two hours just to become the best!  Playingm football is actually not as easy as the Jackets make it look.  If it was easy, then everybody would do it, but it's not so that every player on the field had to be one hundred percent talented.  Being a football player is privilege.

This year's players were an image of men in an army: they would get out on the field anf help each other by playing like ateam.  In the end, our Varsity Football team was successful in about half of their games, but their fans never failed to show spirit.  The school spirit for the team was what impacted the Jackets' attitudes to do their absolute best."

2001 Football Season