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The ECHO Yearbook (Spring 2003)

The Whole Nine Yards

From The ECHO (Spring 2003):

"This year's football team was very excited to play.  The guys worked really hard all season to improve their performance and skills.  Every year the football team practices during the summer to get ready for the upcoming season.  These guys scrimmage, go over plays, and condition on the 100-degree weather, just so they can get better for the school.

Sprayberry had a new Head Coach this year, and he was very enthusiastic about the team at the beginning of the season.  He came from 11 years of coaching and it sure did show when the record this year was better than the last.

Competition is what these guys live for, and if they didn't love it, then they wouldn't be playing.  This year, Sprayberry had some great games, and the entire school was wonderful in supporting them."

2002 Football Season